Tinklylife Santu Art Cat Scratcher (Frida)




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Tinklylife modern cat scratcher is made with recycled corrugated cardboard that is a 100% nontoxic & sustainable product for your pet. Our cat scratchers are multipurpose products that can be used as a cat scratcher, house & home décor.
Size: 30cm*45cm*38cm
Weight: 4KG
Colour: Sunflower, Frida, Girl with a Pearl Earring
Materials: High-density corrugated paper
  • 【Cat Scratcher Lounge】 It satisfies your cat's natural scratching instinct, ideal for claws' well-maintenance, exercise, muscle conditioning, and stress relief, will improve your cat's overall health and balance. And also help reduce scratching of furniture and carpets.
  • 【Honeycomb sandwich】 Higher density harden corrugated cardboard with insert double-side design. The high-density textures and reversible design make it more durable and can bear more weight. Good for multiple cats.
  • 【Material】 Made of non-toxic, 100% eco-friendly and recyclable corrugated cardboard.
  • 【Guide】 Sprinkle a generous amount of Catnip onto the scratcher will attract your cat to scratch, lay, rest, climb, rub, play, hide and more.
  • Please install it yourself according to the product instructions.

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