Santu Art Milkbox Style Cat House and Scratcher (Frida)




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Tinklylife modern cat scratcher is made with recycled corrugated cardboard that is a 100% nontoxic & sustainable product for your pet. Our cat scratchers are multipurpose products that can be used as a cat scratcher, house & home décor.

Size: 33cm*32cm*57cm
Weight: 2KG
Color: Mona Lisa
Materials: High-density corrugated paper


1. Scratching & hiding: Enjoy a chance to DIY a scratch condo or Castle for your furry friend; an attractive multi-functional cat scratcher to satisfy your kitten's daily scratch activities and the natural inclination of hiding.

2. Unique design: Cute cottage house design with black color Milk box shape, with triangle rooftop look It also looks like a small house. It can be a good decoration at your house.

3. DURABLE MATERIAL: Made by high-quality corrugated cardboard. 

Please install it yourself according to the product instructions.

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